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Frequently Asked Questions

What is K-Global?

Ministry of Science and ICT and Y&Archer Inc. (prominent S. Korea global accelerator), SYKA seeks to promote Greater Philadelphia as a hub for future Korean entrepreneurs with 2017 K- Global Accelerator Philadelphia, bringing eight (8) S. Korean startups selected by the S. Korean government and Y&Archer global accelerator group to the United States in this case Philadelphia, PA.

K-Global has been held since 2012 to assist Korean firms seeking to expand into overseas markets, with previous events held in London, Silicon Valley, and Shanghai. The program continues to support leading Korean software and ICT firms forge new international markets.

For more information about K-Global and MSIP, visit http://english.msip.go.kr/

Established in 2011, the Society of Young Korean Americans (“SYKA”) is a non-profit organization that promotes all aspects of Korean and Korean-American culture, including, but not limited to, dance, film, music, art, the community, politics, businesses and corporations, and the Korean language.

SYKA strives to make young Korean-Americans leaders in their local communities by developing their skills and talents in any field. SYKA delivers educational programs, weekly events, a resource-filled blog, performances, community forums, speaking engagements, and festivals. Ultimately, SYKA attempts to bridge the intergenerational gaps that exist between the Korean and Korean-American and any barriers between the American and Korean.

Learn more at http://www.syka.org.

Where and when is K-Global Philadelphia?

K-Global is on November 10, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. This event takes place at the Science Center Quorum (3711 Market Street, Suite 800 Philadelphia, PA 19104). Doors open at 11am and lasts until 9pm.

How will the day play out?

After you check in, please help yourself to lunch. While you eat, there will be keynote speakers and companies from Korea sharing their journey as a start-up. Afterwards there will be a networking session. Don't be afraid to network with other people throughout the event.

Also we are honored to have Vijay Kumar (Dean of UPenn Engineering and Applied Sciences), as a closing Keynote Speaker on Nov 15th from 3 pm to 4 pm at the Pennovation Center. You can attend the event with the same General Admission ticket.

Have you guys ever done this before?

This is our second year and we intend to continue annually. If you want to see last years photos and some of our speakers check out last years website at syka.org.

How can I attend to K Global Philadelphia?

It is an invitation-based event, however, we have very limited, 50 tickets for general admission. There will be a small ticket price of $20. With the ticket you would enjoy delicious Korean food and you can attend as an observer to the full day event of the demo day presentations and great speaker series. Also at the network party you can meet Korean and local entrepreneurs, investors, IT tech people, key notespeakers, and fabulous locals in the awesome atmosphere. Don't forget that you can also come to the Closing Speaker series on Nov 15th at Pennovation Center with this ticket. You can get your ticket's here.

Will you sell ticket's at the door?

We will not be selling tickets at the door, please contact kglobalphila@gmail.com if you have any last minute requests.

Is there parking?

There is metered street parking or you can go to the garage for the Science Center at lot C.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact kglobalphila@gmail.com and and our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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